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sukwendo's gameplay for Dead Space 2 (PS3)

sukwendo played Dead Space 2

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sukwendo said...
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Finally made it to my second save point on the hardcore run. Just have to take this seriously and knock this mode out!

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 (PS3)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Survival Horror
Release Date:
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Yay! Sukwendo came back! :-D Was it because I badgered you through PS3 messages? Or did you come back all by yourself?

I also hate Dead Space 2 on hardcore... I'm on the final chapter in hardcore mode but don't have the patience to keep doing the same run over and over and over again to get to the last boss and die again.
@Roxas-UrBoxas A little of a) and a little of b). Did you miss me? I thought you were ignoring me, so I was starting to get all pissy, but it looks like I was just relegated to "one of the masses" in light of your meteoric rise to fame.

I completed hardcore mode today; I hope I never have to do anything like that again?
No fucking kidding! Dead Space 2? You did it!? Goddamnit Sukwendo! Now I gotta go try again don't I? If you can do it I always feel like I can too.

I wouldn't say I'm really anything to write home about for fame... My writing is getting out there though so I'm very happy about it. I will always have time for you though! You are one of my favourites after all so of course I missed you dummy! Sorry my twitter kept getting hacked and I gave up on that site. We'll always have gDNA though now that you're back. :-D

You should also be more excited to know me now. Since I moved away from Edmonton I've become happier in life and have traded in my competitive edge and hatred for respect to others and spreading love of gaming to all.

Now add me back on PS3 so I can have someone in my list that has more trophies than me already. I need my inspiration back. :-P
@Roxas-UrBoxas There's that competitive edge I like! It's good to hear that I'm still a member of the upper echelon, haha. Any contradictory feelings were likely due to some of my own actions as well, so apologies for that.

I'm honestly glad to hear that you're happier. The old Schane was alright, but your cynical exterior was a hurdle I had trouble overcoming in the friendship. There's enough negativity out there in the world; I'd rather not bring more of it into my life.

So this bodes well for our friendship! Back on PS3 you go!
Huzzah! If you followed me on facebook (which you NEVER do) you'd of come to the realization that I'm far better off where I am, then where I was.

Now that gDNA is back and running to a good standard though we have no excuses not to remain in touch anymore!
@Roxas-UrBoxas Sorry, Facebook is to me what mobile phones are/were to you. ^^ But at least we have this place once again.
Augh! Phones! Stupid phones.
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