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sukwendo's gameplay for Half-Minute Hero (PSP)

sukwendo played Half-Minute Hero

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sukwendo said...
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Completed the Evil Lord 30 scenario, and now about half-way through Princess 30.

I'm kind of sad that Evil Lord 30 was so short - he and Millennia were a truly entertaining pair. I also loved how Evil Lord thought "abominate" meant "dominate".

On the other hand, I'm kind of hoping Princess 30 doesn't run on much longer; it has its share of humour, I just find the faux-side-scrolling-shmup to be a little tiresome after a while.

Nevertheless, I press on!
Half-Minute Hero

Half-Minute Hero (PSP)

Genre/Style: Action/Multi-Genre Action
Release Date: 13/OCT/09
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