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sukwendo played Scratches: Director's Cut

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sukwendo said...
No description entered yet...
Scratches: Director's Cut

Scratches: Director's Cut (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/First-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date:
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I picked up DR2:OTR just for you, but may not get a chance to play tonight.
@Roxas-UrBoxas hooray! Thank you, my friend; it means a lot to me.
@Sukwendo So I'm about halfway through the game, I'm level 18 and I have christmas eve and christmas day off but I'll be spending it with the family. When my schedule the week after is posted I'll let you know what my days off are and we'll play some co-op. How long are you on vacation for?
@Roxas-UrBoxas I'm off until the 9th, but new year's day to jan 9 will be spent in Mexico. I can always make time for you after that, though. I'm pretty flexible.
@sukwendo Fingers crossed that I have a day off between the 26th to the 31st then eh? Hahaha, we'll have to dedicate a day to this probably.
@Roxas-UrBoxas We may indeed have to dedicate a day, but like I said, just let me know what works for you, and I'll do my best to accommodate. I'm just working on Alpha vs Omega now (SO much standing around) and then plan on mopping up the single-player challenges.
@sukwendo Still haven't beaten it. Thanks to how familiar I am with DR2 though I'm finding this one to be a little bit of a joke.
@Roxas-UrBoxas Agreed, super easy. I don't think the game was meant to challenge us, though. It is nice to see a different story and a more attractive protgonist, though. ;) I <3 Mr West so much.
I still don't see the selling point of Frankie... I didn't really play the first one though... What makes him attractive? He looks like an old-washed-up-roid-monkey in a suit. Chuck Greene was all clean cut and full of ass kicking. Young and spry and had his priorities straight with his little girl.

*spoilers* Come to think of it, did I *really* kill Chuck Greene? Or was he just some elaborate copy-cat? It'd make me sad if I actually killed him... He was just different enough to chalk up to being some die hard fan.

I appreciate that Frankie doesn't take himself or the game seriously though. I usually hate when characters break the fourth barrier wall, but Frank West and Nathan Drake do it subtly... Unlike that Deadpool guy.
@Roxas-UrBoxas I think my affection for Frank West is probably more atypical. I find his body type and body hair extremely attractive. After being inubdated in games with unrealistic/overly muscular guys, guys with the body type of a fifth grader, and women, it's so refreshing to play as someone representative of my tastes. I'm just sad that they toned down the body hair from DR1.

It's a shame you didn't play DR1 one. There's this intensely erotic scene where Frank is in his boxers and
tied to the back of a truck, and the camera faces him dead-on and you get to watch him struggle and squirm! Squee! I had to find a video of someone playing that scene on Youtube an favourite it, haha. Like I said, atypical, but refreshing.

I'm pretty sure you killed the real Chuck Greene, though I don't think he died as he did run off. Does this mean that Capcom believes the canon ending is one where Katie zombifies?
@sukwendo Hmm... I actually understand that loud and clear. Makes a lot of sense. Frankie is a typical well rounded average dude and the fact that he's a rare commodity makes him even more appealing.

Although on a tangent, I have to say my taste in game women are your typical perfect little esthetic creations (possibly because they don't make them any other way)

I tend to be different though because of the fact that I love strong women that could kick your butt as oppose to stupid ones. Lightning, Shanoa, KOS-MOS, Juri, as oppose to Selphie, Vanille, and whatever the heck the nerdy ditz was from Xenosaga... S... Sh...? Can't recall...

Chuck Greene ran off!? I wasn't paying attention I guess, I play the game while sleep-deprived on most occassions, straight after my graveyard shift... I thought I whacked him good!
@Roxas-UrBoxas Thank you for understanding, I'm actually really glad that you "get" it. To your point, I actually adore the exact same women you listed out. I'm not a fan of the super cutey types and really prefer strong, curt types. Oh, and the super messed-up crazy ones too. Not sexually or emotionally even, but they really resonate with me. I believe the name you were looking for was Shion.

You do smack Chuck good, but during the cutscene, Frank looks away from Chuck and then back, an he's gone. Maybe he shows up again in one of the endings as I've only seen S.

What are you doing for work these days?
@Roxas-UrBoxas FYI, I have Antoine, Slappy, and Randy queued up on a single save when you're ready. If you wabt to queue two more (Chuck and Ted seem like obvious choices), we can get our five online done.
I'll have to work on saving files for those fights... We can just load multiple saves and pick them off and it accepts it without having to do it all in one run?

I got a job at Timmies when I arrived here in Kingston. I've been toughing it out for now but this isn't permanent, hahaa. I'm trying to get back into dealing cards again here at an OLG Casino. Government run, set for life, etc.
@Roxas-UrBoxas set for life? Jealous! I should
only be so lucky, haha. Here's hoping for the best!

And yes, based on what I was reading, we don't need to do the psychopaths in the same online session, though we probably could if we stacked the snipers with someone else.
I hate the snipers... Man, I passed out with my game on, hahahaha!!! Haven't done that in awhile! Lucky for me I was looking at my map at the time of sleep take-over.

I also got my schedule for next week in. I have the 30th and the 31st off, do those work? Or are those the exact days you're gone?
Oh man, that's too funny! I haven't done that in a coupld weeks. When I do, I'm normally still trying to play, so my character will be running into a wall or something.

I fly out on Jan 1, so the 30 and 31 would work out smashingly! If you're not already planning to, I'd recommend having all the solo challenges done before then so you know what to expect. I'm getting psyched for this!
Guess I better clock someserious game time in then. I'll put my game face on. -_- <-- Game face.
@Roxas-UrBoxas That's right, get it on! Also, your game face looks like my sleepy face. So how do you want to communicate while we're challenging? MSN again?
I don't have immediate access to a computer, I'd have to walk between my room and the kitchen to communicate assuming messaging on PSN is too tough to pull off... I also ust get paid on that day, perhaps I should get a mic? How much will that cost?

Also... I'm almost done the campaign now, I'm coming up to "the facts" soon... I also have a save right before the two magicians, do you think that counts as two psychos?
@Roxas-UrBoxas A simple Bluetooth microphone will probably only set you back about $20~$30, and that would be a much more efficient means of communication.

I'm not entirely certain if the two count separately, but I would assume they do since you don't just defeat one, like the twins. Let's give a shot; worst-case scenario, we load up a new game and kill Ted.

I only have two more challenges to get gold on, and then I'll be good to go.
I literally just completed the game and got the Zombie TK kills you ending. I'm going to go back to my 3 slot save and give him his zombrex and beat it again, last boss was a lot of fun... I assume no matter what, you always end up fighting that big ole robot?

In any case I just wanted to see the ending... So I suppose now I'll play through and have TK boss me around a bit for a better ending. After that I'll start going through sandbox and the challenges... I think I'm making decent time.
P.S. Disappointment in that ending... It was EXACT to DR2... I expect a little better for the S rank ending.
I always knew you had a crush on me.
Too bad I'm not into flat chicks.

@Roxas-UrBoxas Oh man, that's such an epic line. Frank has the best quips. So did you get your S ending? I honestly can't even remember what happened. It obviously didn't leave an impact on me.

What time would you like to start on the 30th?
I got my S ending. I'll be working on Sandbox in my spare time up until the 30th... Perhaps I'll max my level, then do sandbox... We'll see...

I have to admit, Frank's grown on me, he seems way too indifferent to everything that happens around him though. I think Rebecca and Frankie make a better couple than Chuckie and Rebecca... Something about common journalistic ground that makes them more attractive to me.

The ending was just those two kind of walking off into the sunset... Without the sunset...

I'm off work at 6 a.m. on the 30th, I'll be dead as hell, but I can suffer and just energy drink the day away for the good times planned. What's the time difference between us? 2 hours I think? I'm ahead of you right? So when it's 6 here, it'd be 4 for you?
P.S. My favourite Frankie moment was right after you beat the midget clown up... While he's walking away from the fight he starts whistling the background music... I thought it was hilarious!

It made me think for a second "Wait! That's not just video game background music! Frank hears it too! So it must be streaming throughout the mall itself, otherwise he wouldn't whistle along!"
@Roxas-UrBoxas Oh man, I know what you mean, that was totally my favourite part too! It was just so perfect! That's a really good observation about the music actually being piped through the mall, I never even considered that point.

I do agree with you that Frank and Rebecca make a better couple overall, but I just can't bring myself to like Rebecca. There's something about her snarky, overconfident attitude that rubs me the wrong way. Oddly enough, I'm
fine with Frank's arrogance, and I suppose this would elicit a friendly sense of competition between them, like when thwey were on the rooftop.

If 6AM EST works for you, I'm totally game with that. Energy drinks here I come! I was up at that time today anyways, so it shouldn't be difficult.
Kweh... Plan shall commence then!

I may drop out for an hour or two just to get a mic when stuff start opening up around town. Unless of course we're rocking along just fine without it.
@Roxas-UrBoxas How are you doing for time on your challenges? If you need more time or things have come up, I don't mind waiting to do the co-op in January sometime.
I must admit... I am sucking, largely, at doing these challenges... I'm going to start looking up how to do some.
@Roxas-UrBoxas No worries, I've been sick all week, so my preparations for vacation have fallen behind. I should spend the next two days resting as much as possible and shopping for necessities. Shall we co-op when I return? Sometime in January?
Sure, it gives me a better chance to pick up some kind of microphone tomorrow and get these challenges under my belt. I'll take the opportunity. You said you're back on he 9th? So I'll give you my days around that time.
@Roxas-UrBoxas Sounds good to me, and I am indeed back on the 9th. Have a good new year's, and we'll tackle those muthas when I return.
Indeed! I assure you that I will do my damn best to complete those solo challenges and be ready for co-op upon your return. I have the day off and a bottle of rum to accompany me while I kill some zombies!

You have a good vacation Sukie.
Bluetooth headset obtained.
You are back tomorrow so I'll update you. I'm currently just over halfway done the challenges on gold. I feel I have a good grasp on the effective items like the boomstick, quick step, dynomeat, and the plate launcher. Assuming these are the key things to the challenges (which they seem to be in most cases) we should be pretty set!

I was slacking for a bit, but once I got rolling on some of the challenges I've found it hard to put down now. Figuring some of the initial ones out though was taxing on my pride.

I believe my days off are the 11th and 12th, I reconfirm after my shift tonight. Look forward to smashing zombie faces in.
To give an exact number, I have 11 challenges left to get gold on. I should be able to get them before the 11th/12th.
@Roxas-UrBoxas 11th/12th could work, but as I'm working on those days,it would have to be in the evening MST. Do you have any Fridays or weekendsoffcoming up soon?
Hmm... Fridays or weekends, not from what is posted yet... Also, how late could you be playing on evenings? I'm a graveyard worker and you're two hours behind me. These evenings of yours could translate into nights I'd be wide awake anyhow. We could squeeze some time in on both days I'm sure.
I wasn't over confident at first at all... But with some dedicated time into the game I feel like I'm your best man for these challenges now!
@Roxas-UrBoxas Glad to hear it that you'reso confident! Well let's give those two days a go, then, and get done what we can. What tome do you want to start? How does 6PM MST on the 10th sound?
That is 8 p.m. my time I believe, so it should be more than a-ok. You just gotta be sure to quit when you need to go to bed as I'm very adjusted to all nighters.

My days off are the 11th and the 12th. (Wednesday and Thursday) so we should aim for those. I rechecked a few hours ago so if I told you something different it was my mistake.
Tonight is the night friend-o!
I'll be playing a bit til I go to sleep, then I should be awake by 8 p.m.
@Roxas-UrBoxas Sounds good to me, I'll be there. Shall we start off with loading up on Super BFGs and getting the generic kill missions out of the way?
I was hoping you'd be a leader and make the gameplan. :D
I'mma be your support and ass-kicking professional!!!
They're all gonna be like "Mraughhh!" and I'm gonna be like "BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!" and they're like "Braaaaaiinnnsss."

Kill missions out of the way would kick ass now that I think about it... And the races are absolutely HORRENDOUS... Are those in co-op?
Hmm... Perhaps you can show me where some stuff is as well... To make BFG's namely... Can't seem to find the pulse-gun-thingy...

And where the hell are the MERC rifles!? I need to make a Blitzkrieg and break me some chairs.

I'm also really good at gaining PP depending on situations... Figured out a trick with alien probes and the camera, boomstick's are real easy to make and use as well. :D
I should stick my mic on the charger... This'll be the first time I get some practical use out of it. I used it for a game of Castlevania but the person on the other side was kind of a dope.
@Roxas-UrBoxas I can definitely be the leader and make the gameplan! Generic kill trophies will be tackled first, then. The BFGs are super easy to get to, we just need to do a lot of zoning.

I believe all missions for single player are duplicated for co-op. The on-foot races are fairly easy, but I hate the driving courses in the tunnels. >_< If you're going to Blitzkrieg the chairs, I'd also recommend having the full soldier outfit so that you can make the most of it.

We're going to be such an awesome team, I'm getting psyched up!
Awesome meter times a million.
The power ended up going out... Just came back on an hour ago. We'll work on those psychopaths another time but we got the big mission out of the way.

Final Fantasy Thief Steals Wallet:

Mega 64 Dead Rising:

Mega 64 Katamari:

Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin? Professor Layton:

The two I told you about and two more are there for good measure!
Also, just found this online:

"Simply put, kill 5 Psychopaths in Co-Op

You can also do this in Sandbox Mode from what I hear.

Being fast is key here as this achievement can be glitched in various ways.

1. If your Co-Op partner ends up leaving or getting disconnected during a Psychopath fight, they will not get credit toward the achievement.

2. If you don't do it in the same run (not shutting the game off) you will go back to 0 killed, only the host will get the achievement.

My partner and I killed Randy and he got the achievement but not me since I got disconnected. I didn't get the achievement until later when I killed the snipers."
@Roxas-UrBoxas Yeah, just queue up some psychopaths and let me kniw when you want to do it. I'll still help, of course. :)

Okay, so those videos, wow... Here're my impressions on each:

DR2 - Hilarious! Everything was sooo funny! "There's a chopper coming in three days and a katana on top of the cafe, that's all you need to know." And then where he was building the barricade and trying to rescue survivors and making the black man pose... Brilliance! I just wish they would have showed more of his face, since he looked like he could have been cute.

Katsmari - Kind of funny when the black guys started stealing his katamari, and then HELLA funny when he was on the softball field! The coach was so pissed, and I couldn't help but think he sounded like John Goodman. I thought it was ironic when he said "these kids don't understand this stuff", since they're the only ones who would.

Wallet - Much more amusing than I thought it'd be and really well done with the animation.

Layton - Saw this long ago. ^^

DR2 totally takes the cake!
@Roxas-UrBoxas Okay, I'm watching the DR one again and finding new things to laugh at. Tears are streaming down my face right now. A couple of new things:

"Yeah, zombies!" and then the old people make sad faces.
The black guys "I love it, yo!"
"But there's still, like, 71 hours and, like, 30 minutes left, so..."

I'm so glad you shared this, it is pure gold!
"Is this for math or english class? You better tell me because I'm gonna find out anyways" was the highlight for me on the Katamari one.

Yesssss!!! The katana on top of the cafe was pure gold!!!

I love the wallet stealing video too... I didn't do it justice but I didn't wanna ruin it! "Ah ah, not your turn man, let's take a look." "Hurry up... I wanna throw this meteor at you..."

I'll get up to the snipers over the week and my next days off are next wednesday and thursday (again)

I only have two trophies left now... Co-op Psychos and 100,000 zombie kills.
I also highly recommend you look into:


I find most of my funny videos from those four sites.
@Roxas-UrBoxas I'll definitely check them out. I was watching the DR video yet again, and while I know they were playing on DR1, I would have lost it if he started ineffectually taping shit together and making a mess. Like if he took some silly string and a pylon and started trying to ward off zombies. Oh man, that'd be killer.
I was actually thinking of doing that one day myself... I wanted to make a dead rising parody where I taped things together. Get booted out of mall in seconds.
While killing zombies in sandbox mode I managed to come across Big Earl and Johnny. I immediately saved, so assuming all four psycho snipers appear in sandbox, there's four right there.
@Roxas-UrBoxas Sweet! We could kill them if you wanted and you could wait for another to show up? The four may even be enough. What are your kills at?
40%... So uhh... 40,000?
62,124 and I have 6 hours to squeeze in a nap before my graveyard, hahaha!!!
Thanks for the online help for my last online trophy.
@Roxas-UrBoxas You're very welcome! Byt you helped me too, so thank you as well.

Just got my 100K, so glad that's over!
Just remembered another part I loved in that video! When they ask him what news team he works for and he's like "Uhh... The... Press.... Yeah! The Press!"
@Roxas-UrBoxas I'm enjoying some of their other videos as well. The Metal Gear one was pretty entertaining, especially when he actually snuck into the coffee shop.
If you really wanna pursue Mega64 I'mma recommend:

Simon's Quest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeNr33gIhIM

Miyamoto: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ-xsBZ_Nqo&feature=relmfu

Kojima: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2ZFA4me4iw&feature=relmfu

I'm Captain Basch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSyfGm6wXgs

One of Rhonda's personal favourites, Assassin's Creed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20QBe43tyVM&feature=relmfu

Heavy Rain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZZOlqq6rz8

Really... Just watch them all, they're all pretty good... There was one about Mario Kart where they get super high off tylenol... And then there was another one I vaguely remember about Wii fit where the fat guy plays it so much that he becomes a hot chick.
@Roxas-UrBoxas I'll dedinitely check all these out when I get home. I actually already saw Assassin's Creed and Basch, and they were both hilarious! "Don't believe Ondore's lies!"

Where would I be without you, my friend, if you weren't here to keep me in tune with internet culture?
@sukwendo I'd assume you'd depend on Rhonda, we were pretty well matched for internet culture, I specialized more in games, and she had television.
@Roxas-UrBoxas Believe it or not, Rhonda and I don't always get a chance to chat. When we do, the.conversations are pretty open and earnest. We rarely discuss internet culture.
@sukwendo Fine, I'll try to be that guy when we cross paths.

Smosh Zelda rap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mO1QBTG6EXs
Fi is annoying: http://www.dorkly.com/video/30673/dorkly-bits-fi-annoys-link
@Roxas-UrBoxas Haha, don't feel any pressure to be something that doesn't feel right. There's something to be said for levity, and I enjoyed chatting when we were playing DR2. I'm not saying Rhonda and I don't have fun, since we can get kind of ridiculous at times.

But if you want to be that guy, feel free to go right ahead. I'll check out the movies later tonight and let you know what I think. FYI - Mega64's Heavy Rain had me laughing so hard that I ended up choking. And.Bayonetta had a very similar effect.
There are two heavy rain ones by the way... A scripted on and a candid one. I believe I linked the scripted one? The one where he's crying all the time?
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